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The Health Pro to CEO Podcast

Jul 5, 2021

This week I’m joined by my client and friend, Thalia Prum. Thalia is a dietitian who helps parents overcome picky eating challenges, conquer mealtime battles and raise happy & healthy eaters.


One thing I love about Thalia is her incredible persistence and this is exactly what’s allowed her to go from selling $19.99 courses to getting fully booked with a waitlist of eager clients, growing her IG account to well over 100K followers, launching a group program, and making $10K months.


In this episode, Thalia and I chat about:

What led Thalia to start her Instagram account and how it’s grown to 123K followers

The tradeoffs that come with a large audience and why having one doesn’t guarantee success

Her initial struggle with discovery calls, what fueled her to keep going, and how it led her to getting fully booked with a waitlist

What success looks like for Thalia and what she’d be doing with her time if she had all the money in the world

Why mindset is everything when it comes to business AND overcoming picky eating challenges as a parent


This episode is full of gems and I know you’re gonna love Thalia’s transparency and all the valuable takeaways she shares.


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